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Personal loans are the perfect option to fund any purchase that sits outside the usual realm of vehicle or property finance. They are also the perfect tool to repair bad credit, use as a stepping stone to a larger loan (such as a mortgage) and get finances under control through debt consolidation.

Sometimes in life a large purchase looms that doesn’t fit the mould of vehicle finance or home loans. Personal loans can be used for any purchase from holidays to cosmetic surgery and everything else in between. A personal loan allows you to finance whatever your heart desires.


A personal loan can be used for virtually anything without the need for an asset as security. Our personal loan experts understand the process of getting approved without security and will get you a great rate on a personal loan from 10k – 50k.


Relieve the stress of multiple debts and get control of your finances with just one easy payment. At Argent Finance we can consolidate credit card debts, small loans, retail debts, fines and utility bills with a debt consolidation loan from one of our trusted financiers.

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Not all personal loans are the same, so we find the perfect financial product and financier to meet your needs including the choice of an interest rate that is fixed for all or part of your loan term, or variable.


A personal loan makes funds available for your personal needs without the need for security in the form of an asset. This means you can fund anything from luxuries like holidays and renovations to necessities like health care and debt consolidation. A personal loan is power to you.


We love making personal loans easy and getting you approved quickly. Our advanced online process means you can secure your personal loan from the convenience of your own home or office without the need for time-consuming meetings.

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At Argent Finance we connect you with your own personal loan expert that will help you get approved fast. Simply start a conversation with us about your finance needs. Even if this is your first loan, we will make the process simple and stress-free. our experts will secure the lowest rate personal loan making your next purchase affordable and manageable.

You can choose whether you want a fixed or variable rate for your personal loan. A variable rate loan means the interest rate on your loan can change as interest rates move up and down over the life of your loan. A fixed rate loan means your interest rate is fixed for part or all of your loan period. To discuss a purchase that you have in mind, contact our team of personal loan experts today.


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  • Getting your rate here will not affect your credit score. By submitting this form you agree to our terms & conditions


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