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Leasing is the perfect way to always have that new car feeling and reduce tax. Taking out a lease can be a tax effective way of expensing your car repayments. Think of your lease repayment as your total car expense paid pre-tax, which effectively reduces your overall tax.

A further benefit of leasing is that it is very easy to upgrade every few years (usually every 2 to 4 years, depending on the term of your lease). This means you will always be driving the latest car on the market!

At Argent Finance we can provide you with a car lease structured to suit your lifestyle with affordable repayments over periods of up to 5 years. We do this by working with you to decide on the term of your lease and the desired balloon payment, enabling us to structure your repayments accordingly.


A novated lease is perfectly suited to employees, allowing you to package the lease payment to include insurance and maintenance such as servicing, fuel and tyres etc, all included in a single monthly payment that is paid before tax.


We understand just how busy you are, so we have streamlined our online process to make getting approval as fast and easy as possible. There is no need to meet to provide or sign documents, so you save time and get approved from wherever you are.


The perfect solution is an affordable one, so the team at Argent Finance work hard to get you the best rate and to structure your lease in such a way that repayments are manageable, and the  balloon payment is to your requirements.

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At Argent Finance our team of car finance experts make leasing simple by helping you get approved with the best rate. Getting approval on a lease is easy with our online and phone process. Your Argent Finance expert will assist with the application and answer all your questions along the way, right through to settlement. We understand that a lease is a very different way of financing a car compared to the standard loan, so we are happy to explain the differences by phone before you decide. To speak to a car finance expert, get in touch today.


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  • Getting your rate here will not affect your credit score. By submitting this form you agree to our terms & conditions


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