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Are you ready for a boat loan?

The crystal-clear ocean, the sea breeze and the utter serenity that sailing on the sea brings. Whether it’s the solitude you crave, or a day out with mates, having your very own boat definitely has its perks.
If you don’t already have a boat – are you ready for a boat loan to secure one?
Read more from Argent Finance, the specialists in Perth boat finance to see if you’re ready for your next boating adventure.

What type of boat are you in the market for?

The first thing to do before you get a boat loan is to decide upon the best boat for you.
Aluminium constructed boats (also known as tinnies) and fibreglass boats are the two common boat construction materials. Bowriders, Bass boats, Catamarans, Houseboats, Sailboats and more – there’s plenty of boats available on the Perth market.

Before you pick a boat, start with these questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I want a boat for personal or business use?
  • How big do I want my boat to be?
  • Do I want onboard accommodation for nights at sea?
  • Do I have the funds to make regular repayments on a Perth boat loan?

Boats serve many different purposes, for leisure and business.
When you’ve found the boat your heart has set itself upon, you’re one step closer to securing a boat loan with the Perth finance specialists.

How often will you use your boat and where will it be stored?

Some people purchase boats on a whim and when they have money to spare. However, this isn’t the best plan of action to take. A boat needs a lot of love and dedication to operate and enjoy it.

  • How often will you use your boat?

If regularly, it’s time to talk to your Perth finance broker about boat financing.

  • Where will you store your new prized possession?

Ideally, indoors is safest and will protect your boat from the elements and is best for security.

Consider the licensing and registration costs for boats

Just like a car, a boat for recreational boat also requires registration fees.
The initial registration for 1 year or renewal of annual registration varies between $124.90 and $777.60 depending on the length of the vessel.
Unfortunately, this is only one of the many possible costs for operating a registered boat in Perth.
Be sure to do your research and check out the Western Australia’s Department of Transport website for up-to-date information on boat licensing and registration fees.

Know your budget with Perth boat financing

So, you’ve considered the above factors and questions and are still keen on purchasing your little slice of sailing heaven. Remember, a boat is an expensive hobby and you should consider making a budget before you commit to buying one.
Securing a boat loan doesn’t have to be a headache and an impossible dream.
With over 30 lenders and 100’s of loan products, getting Perth boat finance has never been easier.
This is what Argent Finance can offer you:

  • No deposit loans
  • Fast approvals, and
  • Low rate loans.

Are you ready to sail the seas on your very own boat?
Contact Argent Finance today to secure the best Perth boat loan  for you.