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Save on Your Mortgage | Perth Mortgage Broker | Argent Finance

We should all be aware of the smart ways to save on our mortgage – regardless of the current global situation we find ourselves in, or when things (finally) go back to normal or the “new-normal”.
From home loan research to refinancing and even making extra repayments, there are many ways you can save on your Perth home loan.
Read more from your Perth home loan broker, Argent Finance to discover the simple strategies that will help you save on your home loan.

1. Optimise your mortgage

Have you done your mortgage research?

Just because you have successfully secured a home loan and are making regular, on-time payments – doesn’t mean you necessarily have the best deal for you.

Refinancing is when you finance something, in this case, your home loan, typically with a new loan at a lower interest.

Here’s some things to know before you refinance with your Perth mortgage specialist:

  • Know what you owe
  • Look at your credit score
  • Resist the temptation of putting yourself in further debt
  • Say goodbye to mortgage insurance (if possible)
  • Steer clear of cash-out and extended-term refinancing

Now more than ever is the time to see if you could be getting a better deal.

2. Make extra payments on your Perth home loan

From takeaway food to online shopping, we have so many convenient ways to spend our hard-earned money on material goods.

A house is more than a materialistic good. A house is a home where memories are shared, we can be ourselves, and right now – staying at home is how we’re saving the world.

Have you thought of making extra repayments on your Perth home loan? These benefits include:

  • Saving on interest, and
  • Shortening the term on your home loan.

Unsure if extra repayments on your home loan is possible and right for you?

It may be time to make a budget and contact a Perth Mortgage Broker to see how you currently stand and what your future home loan savings could look like.

3. Round up your payments

Rounding up your mortgage payments, even if it’s only an extra $20 on minimum repayments will reap rewards for your financial future.

4. Choose your pay cycle wisely

There’s three ways to pay off your mortgage; Weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, but which is best for saving on your mortgage?

Fortnightly or weekly repayments let you synchronise your repayments with your fortnightly or weekly income. Remember, home loan debt accrues interest on a daily basis which means the more frequently debt is repaid, the lower the interest will be.

5. Consider an offset account

An offset account is a transactional account that’s linked to your home loan.

What is the main purpose and benefit of an offset account?

The balance in an offset account will ‘offset’ (counteract or diminish) the balance of your mortgage, thereby reducing the interest paid and overall term of the loan.


Enjoy your home and the savings you can make on mortgage repayments.
With the right research and best Perth Mortgage Broker advice, you could be on your way to securing the best home loan product for you.
Need help with finding the right home loan product?

Contact Perth Mortgage Brokers, Argent Finance today to see how you can save on your mortgage.